How is the uhü innovative?

how am i innovative?


How is the uhü innovative?

how am i innovative?

i travel

  • i'm the first housing unit of my kind to be a 'living lab' where people can visit, hang out, and provide feedback.

  • i will travel to 8 locations, engaging constituents in the topic of compact living & shared common space.

  • community groups and neighborhood retailers will enliven the space around me with programs such as playgrounds, fitness, film events, dinners, and other fun activities.

i'm livable (lovable)

  • i boast separate spaces for sleeping, bathing, storage, and entertaining.

  • all my furniture can be purchased on a budget and fits neatly in the rooms provided.

  • i am 65 sq. ft. below the current Boston metro studio minimum size of 450 sq. ft.

i'm affordable and well built

  • i was built in a factory and shipped to site - a low cost, high quality method of construction.

  • i am built extra strong so that up to four of me could be stacked on top of each other, and I'm super insulated to save energy.

  • i have all of my systems, like heating, cooling, and water built right in, so inhabitants have total control through integrated smart home technology.

i’m a collaborative effort

  • The Mayor's Housing and Innovation Lab - bringing innovative thinking to help solve Boston’s housing challenges. For more, see

  • BSA Space - the Boston Society of Architects + the BSA Foundation - promoting reasonably priced and well-designed housing with smaller carbon footprints.  Visit

  • livelight  - makers of efficient and environmentally-friendly accessory dwellings, vacation houses, and multifamily developments.  See