All age groups

compact living is an advantageous living option for a wide range of age groups.

in fact, senior communities already often include compact studios and one bedroom units, providing common cafeterias, lounges, and other areas that increase social interaction.


Singles, COuples, widows/widowers

one and two person households are the primary target market for compact studios. The shortage of reasonably priced apartments in the Boston area for small households often prices people out of the market or forces them to live with roommates.

i offer independent living at efficient sizes.


DIVORCEES, single parents

smaller living offers advantages to smaller households. With the flexibility that a uhu complex offers, you can imagine comfortable living, nearby amenities, and fantastic common play spaces for children.


while studio living may not be for everyone,

my concept could be easily modified for...



People with wheelchairs

a fully accessible version of me has a larger bathroom and more clearance in all the spaces, making the ADA uhu a bit larger. However, i am currently designed so that guests in wheelchairs can use all the major spaces, including the bathroom and the kitchen. 

Large Families

for families of more than 2 or 3 people, a family-friendly version of me would have at least 2 bedrooms and more living area. However, two parents with a young child could live in the current version of me.