you or someone you know could use a unit like me 

you probably know a recent college grad, an elderly neighbor, a single friend, a couple who doesn't need a large apartment, or an artist who'd like to save on rent. As household sizes continue to shrink, there is a shortage of small units in all neighborhoods for these groups. A uhu community with common areas to share could be an answer to fill that void.

as household sizes continue to shrink, there is a shortage of small units in all neighborhoods for these groups, so people get priced out or have to live with roommates.

household sizes (%)

singles and couples number nearly 66% of all households in Boston

small unit shortage (%)

only 17% of all units in Boston are studios and 1 bedrooms



because i am smaller, more efficient, and factory-built, I could be produced for less money than a traditional apartment. In a new building, my rent would be the lowest price point.

the Mayor called for 53,000 new housing units and those units should be scaled to meet the proportional demand for studio and one bedroom homes.



"if communities get more uhü's,

won't that make parking and traffic problems worse?"



uhu's would be best located near transit lines, so owning a car would be much less desirable for most residents.